March 22nd is World Water Day, a day of global observance founded by the United Nations in 1993.  The theme for this year is ““Water and Food Security,” highlighting the need to incorporate proper water management into agriculture practices.  Don’t know how connected the link between water and our food supply is?  Check out some stats from the Surfrider Foundation:

  • Nutrient runoff from the Mississippi River has helped to create a 22,000 square kilometer dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.  This translates to an area the size of New Jersey. [1]
  • One third of the Chesapeake Bay – one of the world’s most productive fisheries – is now inapplicable of supporting life due to nitrate and phosphorous runoff from nearby chicken farms. [2]
  • In Northern California, the indigenous smelt population is on the verge of extinction due to impacts from an extensive system of upstream levees and agricultural diversions. [3]

You can learn more about World Water Day and get involved at unwater.org and surfrider.org

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  1. Lauren Rains

    Submitted my 3 Second Film for the Surfrider Foundation contest they're doing in partnership to promote WWD! STOKED 🙂