Outdoor Hours by Raam Dev

The wind howled, muffled only by the sound of swaying trees. A light rain was on the move, falling sideways and then straight, moving as if unable to make up its mind about which way to fall.

As the porch moaned and creaked to the wind, I poured some tea and cradled the cup in my hands. A tingle ran through my body as the warmth from the cup chased away chills and flooded me with a sense of pure calm.

I had been to far more interesting places than this during my travels, places where the mountains held stories and the land could whisper epic tales, but there was something special about this moment.

It was an otherwise ordinary day, a day many would call dreary and depressing, a day where the rain would be cursed and nature treated as a savage nuisance.

But that’s not what I felt. This was an incredible day, full of life and movement and passion and vigor, action and reaction generating a surging symphony of change, a harmonious dance between the laws of physics and the forces of nature.

As the wind picked up and the towering trees flanking both sides of the porch swayed gently, I felt their wise presence humble my thoughts and remind me that despite being alone I was very much in the presence of elders.

I looked out at the lake in front of me and was engulfed by a sense of admiration.

This large body of water has existed for longer than I’ve been alive and it will likely exist long after I’m gone. While my body is returning to dust and my name is slowly fading away, this lake will still be here providing for the life within it.

It’s easy to get held up in our head, to mislead ourselves into believing that some days are better or worse than others, that some days contain more or less opportunity or more or less beauty.

But as Lao Tzu once said, “nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”. Nature does not have good days or bad days. Nature does not have more or less productive days. Nature is patient, because patience lives in the present.

When I catch myself making excuses for why today just isn’t the right day to make an important decision or do something that I’ve been putting off until tomorrow, I pull myself back to the present moment and look around.

When I feel like this is just another ordinary day, I bring my mind home and look to the horizon. I remember that, just as a cup of tea can hold so much wisdom, an ordinary day is full of innumerable moments of incredible magnificence, each holding potential that has no limit.

Raam Dev on Outdoor Hours

About The Author

Raam Dev is an explorer who seeks the adventure and wisdom of experience. He shares knowledge and ideas with great respect for individual potential and holds high regard for the legacy of humanity. Raam travels the world as a nomad and lives with what fits on his back. You may catch him crafting words in a cafe, hiking barefoot in a forest, or lost deep in thought pondering what it all means, but you can always find his latest work on RaamDev.com.

3 Responses

  1. Laxmi Dev

    Om Raam that was beautiful…you have generated a loving peace inside me with those words…. as if I am floating out of myself into the water.. then flowing up inside the strong trunk of the trees..looking down from above to view the peace, beauty and gaining strength from the tranquility….. wow wow wow what a moment.