Today I’d like to introduce you to Northern-Catalonia based photojournalist David Fajula. In this photo essay, he takes us to the country of Slovenia as he rafts down the 86 mile long Soča river into Italy. 

While hiking the trails that surround our backyards is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so is exploring the outdoor adventures and the cultures that surround them across international borders. As your heart races with each step or paddle, and with your eyes wide open to your surroundings, you’re not just experiencing the physical adventure, but rather, you’re also experiencing a people, a way of life, a place that’s seen a different history on its very lands. 

And now, without further ado, here’s David Fajula’s beautiful photography paired with the story of his experience.

In the East edge of the Alpine Range, among gold horned chamois and giant rock girls, we drifted down the Soča (So-cha) river.

This hypnotic water course, with turquoise waters gets a more intense color the deeper the water is.

The surrounding mountains, nicknamed by the Roman Empire is today a huge wilderness treasure in one of Europe’s smallest countries.

Renamed Isonzo as it crosses the Italian border, the 86 mile long Soča river  is the perfect sand box for any water sport in the Julian Alps; kayaking, rafting, hydrospeed, min-raft, fishing, etc. Its gorgeous waters present us with the best road to discover North-Western Slovenia.

Once we have landed, Bovec (pronounced: Bo-betz) becomes a real base camp to every outdoor minded adventurer who wants to have fun down the river or up in the mountains. This quaint and humble city keeps an authentic slovene character raised in rigorous winters and colorful summers.

It was here we experienced the kindness and authenticity of the villagers. After five days in the mountains, and a visit to this amazing city, we came back feeling we saw the real Slovenia.

And that is exactly what we were searching for.

For those of you crossing international borders in search of outdoor adventure, there are over twenty companies based in Bovec offering outdoor activities in “Reka Soča” (Soča River). Bovec Rafting Team took us on this rafting journey, and are a true example of Slovene kindness and generosity.

 In The Comments: Have any questions for David? Curious about his equipment, his success as a photojournalist, where to stay and what to do in Slovenia? Just ask in the comments section! 

About The Author

David Fajula

David Fajula Jufre is a Northern-Catalonia based Photojournalist. His images have been published in notorious European and Asiatic newspapers, such as; Vladivostok Times, Norrkopings Tidningar, Dnevni Avaz or El Periodic d'Andorra. Nowadays he is working in a socio-geographic documentary about the Triglav National Park, the one and on National Park in Slovenia. David's Links: Photography website Main personal website

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  1. Manish Rai

    superb David! our personal quest and everyday beauty of the world in which we live and the paths we weave and follow in adventure.I remember my quick visit on Mighty Soca in Bovec.hope to do it in future glad to see all the pictures with some nice stories. cheers thank you for sharing. I got this in my inbox message but I just prefered to share on my profile and wall so that all my friends could see or visit them.
    thanks a lot to my special friend Miha and Bovec RAfting Team Leader Mr. Adis and Ofcourse , photographer David.
    just they are awesome.

  2. David F.

    Thank you folks!

    @Manish I know Miha, great guy and a real expert in Slovene wilderness. As well Mr. Adis and the rest of the family are great people, and true FC Barcelona supporters.