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For me to successfully shoot and capture what I want, I must continue moving, listening and watching.

Shanghai, ChinaShanghai, China

My Photography

 I enjoy shooting simple, beautiful moments fueled by motion and emotion.  I am based in Los Angeles and live with my wife Natalie who is amazingly supportive of my work.  We lived in Brooklyn for a moment, but came back to the land of roaring waves, sunshine, and ultra-insane people who talk to their shadows and/or are actors trying to make it.  I love places like Colorado, New Orleans, the Dominican Republic, and my hometown in Pennsylvania, and I love to travel.

Outside Vail, ColoradoOutside Vail, Colorado

Rob KalmbachPetra, Jordan

My favorite compliment is that my work looks old and new at the same time.  To have lived in the 1950’s or 1960’s would have been a world I imagine I would have liked, so through my photography I aim to capture this old feel, but in our modern world.

Baja, MexicoBaja, Mexico

Right now I am all about shooting everything I see and having one camera on me at all times, sometimes two.  I have trouble with phone photos. Not sure why, but the  “phoney photos” I take just come out missing a pulse. If I had to guess I’d say it has to do with the phone, mine is called the “my touch.”

Soweto South AfricaSoweto, South Africa


I shoot on 35mm and medium format film and also with a Canon 5D.

Rob KalmbachSquamish, British Colombia

Photography and Place

A photographer’s “place,” where you end up when traveling through or living and working in a spot, dictates how a photograph is shaped.  For me to successfully shoot and capture what I want, I must continue moving, listening and watching. I have never been able to understand how studio photographers can work, and yet I am always impressed by them – but for me that would be instant death.

Recently I’ve been lucky to travel on assignment to China, Seattle, New York and South Africa. In all of these places a huge impact on my photography comes from the people I meet along the way. I like to get a serious groove when shooting, almost like a trance where I am 100% confident that I am covering everything at the highest quality possible. Yet, the ability to stay hungry for more always drives me to the next shot.

Shanghai, ChinaShanghai, China

Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles, California

Lessons from the road

In order to get the shot you have in your head you must be prepared.  But prepared is a very broad word. As a photographer intending to get the best shot possible I need to make sure I have more than one camera on me in case the other fails. I need to have extra batteries, film, cards, a flash, more, more, more!  I need all of these things, but I hate to carry a jumble of gear, so I try to keep it pared down as much as possible.

Southern IsraelSouthern Israel

Soweto, South AfricaSoweto, South Africa

I’ve also learned over the years that a big smile can bring in amazing results.  A favorite one-liner of mine customarily delivered with a wide grin comes to mind: “It’s a beautiful evening, isn’t it?” I’ve witnessed my cousin Keith using this trick to pass many an obstacle. Typically in this situation the person denying access of my much-needed shot (possibly a security guard or just a plain old dick) answers your question, sometimes with a bewildered smile of his own and often looking up to the stars as if to say “yes it sure is a nice evening.” At this juncture either the ice is broken and mutual friendliness is achieved, (high fives all around!). Or you take the photo when they look up to the sky and then you RUN FOR IT.

South KoreaSouth Korea

Shanghai, ChinaShanghai, China

About The Author

I am an active Editorial & Commercial Art Photographer based in LA and NYC creating content as a director of photography in both motion and still media. I shoot every single day. Most importantly, you can trust me. I am fun to work with, and I sincerely enjoy the work I create.

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  1. Rob Kalmbach

    NEW WORK HERE, check out Outdoor Minded Mag. Awesome job Lauren!

  2. Liz Leaming Gallagher

    Rob-these are truly beauiful! Awsome work! Hope all else is well-hugs to Nat!