An essential segment of Outdoor Minded Mag are our projects that stretch beyond the content of the online magazine and go out into the real world. The main goal is to create events, products, partnerships, films, and initiatives that work to expand, inspire, and strengthen the Outdoor Community. This is one of our favorite ways to bring more adventure into the world. Be sure to check back every now and then for new projects. If you’d like to get involved, partner, or do a press piece about a project, get in touch today and thanks for your interest.

In House Projects & Campaigns


This is part of our Public Service Announcement series where we’ll be sharing short videos bringing to light some of the issues and courses of action that affect the outdoor community the most. These PSAs will be 30 second to 3 minute long short films covering topics ranging from ditching the wheels for a human powered commute, to keeping our oceans and rivers cleaner, to encouraging kids to get outside, to revealing the waste behind all those plastic bags.




Ever wonder just how many cigarette butts line our roads? We’re assembling teams around the US and World to pick up the butts and we’re going to do the math. By the end of the day we hope have collected tens of thousands of of cigarette butts which will then all be packaged and sent… somewhere. (where should we send them? hmm..)







We’re in the process of collecting thousands of 100 word pledges about what we will do more of & do less of to make the rock we live on a cleaner, healthier, more beautiful place. This project will be converted into a limited addition print. In fact, while you’re here, submit your pledge right here.