So, you’re interested in joining the OMM team! Fantastic! We’re always on the look out for outdoor enthusiasts who are interested in a career within the outdoor industry. 

FIRST – A bit about OMM and what your contribution would mean:

Outdoor Minded Mag is a grassroots online magazine. We launched in the spring of 2012, and since then the road has been an adventurous one. There are big plans, big visions, and big ideas for this mag. By joining our team, you get to be part of something that has a lot of potential, that is dedicated and authentic, and that offers a lot of opportunity for leadership and getting to try out your ideas and learn/develop your skill sets.

Here are a few roles we’re looking to fill right now: 

Regular Columnists:

So, you love to write, you love the outdoors, and you’re looking for a place to develop and share the two combined? You’re in the right place. We’re looking for regular columnists who can contribute at least 1 editorial article per week. These articles can range from personal, creative outdoor travel writing, to more formal editorial articles that cover an outdoor industry event, an individual doing something amazing, or a company that’s making waves.

Content Curators:

Outdoor Minded is known for sharing in-depth and interesting interviews, showcasing outdoor travel writing, and featuring beautiful photo essays. Your job would be to find these amazing individuals, connect with them, and invite them to be featured on OMM. For interviews, you’ll research their accomplishments and conduct/write the interviews. For narratives, you’ll find people who have a story to tell, and you’ll work with them to have it shared on OMM. For photo essays, you’ll browse portfolios of both passionate amateurs and seasoned professionals, and present pitches for a photo essay.

Social Media:

Think Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the whole online conversation is awesome? Want to lead up social media campaigns, interact with readers online, bring in new and repeat readers by engaging with them on these platforms? We’re looking for someone to take a leadership role in our social media outreach.

Public Relations:

You’ll get in touch with industry businesses, from large corporations to one-man-teams, and coordinate contests, sponsored giveaways, press trips, etc. You’ll write about developments in OMM’s growth and initiatives, and get in touch with the media (newspapers, bloggers, magazines, etc) and help OMM make a name for itself in the industry.