Ausugante-Socks_2I was recently sent a pair of Ausangate Alapaca Socks to review. I now question how I ever did anything in white, cotton, ankle socks. It’s the little things like this – that change the story of your comfort level – that let you go longer, faster, and harder on any adventure. 

Today, I’m going to give you my thoughts on the Ausugante Alpaca Socks. If you like SmartWool socks, you’ll like these, likely more!

You guys already know that I’m pretty much obsessed with long-distance microadventures. They require A LOT, and I mean, A LOT, of footwork. Trekking up a 14er, skateboarding between two cities in 12 hours – you know, things of that nature – should never be done with neglected feet!

I took the socks on two adventures: 1.) A mile long approach to a rock climbing destination  2.) Longboarding across the town of Boulder

Ausugante-SocksThese are the selling points of the Ausugante Alpaca Socks:

  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Odor free
  • Retain their shape (hate when socks get all stretched out!)
  • Do not shrink
  • Wick moisture away from feet (essential!)
  • Natural compression
  • Natural thermal transfer due to hollow core of the fiber

And here’s my take on those selling points:

  • Odor free: CHECK. After skateboarding on a hot, sunny day for a few hours I’d typically expect some odor. Nada.
  • Retain their shape: CHECK. I wore these around throughout my daily routine in addition to the two adventures I took them on. I washed them, and dryed them. They haven’t stretched at all.
  • Wick Moisture: CHECK. This is huge for me. If I lived in a humid place, it’d be an even bigger deal. I didn’t feel my feet getting sweaty at all.
  • Natural Compression: CHECK. They felt great. Period.
  • All the others are either built-in like being naturally antimicrobial.


Should you get these super comfortable socks?

My answer is YES. They will make a huge difference in your comfort level. Their price point is completely reasonable at $20 for a pair that will last long after you’d like to give a sock credit for. They also make alpaca socks specific to cycling, running, winter, and of course, hiking.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Ausangate Alpaca Socks for free from Ausangate sports as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations


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