Everyone loves their GoPro to noo end, but they’re a heck of a lot more amazing and useful when you have the right tools to use them. And let’s face it, GoPro selfie videos are cute, but not exactly quality. Today, we’re going to take a look at  GoScope® Original – GoPro Pole.

I had the opportunity to review their 1X telescope, which ranges from 21″ to 34.5″. This is a great range, though I want to point out that they also have a 2x GoScope, which is a bit heavier, available that ranges from 17″ to 37″.

GoScope ReviewI took my GoScope out on my portion of OMM’s #Adventure4Life initiative in support of raising funds for an EpicExperience.org week-long outdoor recreation camp for cancer fighters. (We’ve raised $9,000 so far!)  It was an 11 mile hike in the Rockies on a loop called Devil’s Thumb. The views were epic, especially when we hit above tree line, and it was simply a must to document it.

I knew I’d be filming the adventure for promotional material about the #Adventure4Life campaign, and wanted to do it right. This means having the right tools to use my GoPros. And while my video isn’t yet out of the post-processing stage, I have a lot to say about this useful and light-weight piece of gear. The following is how I was able to use the GoScope to film my adventure to help you decide if a useful tool like this is right for you.

What I Was Looking For:

This was going to be a hiking adventure, so I knew I would’t have a bike or the front of a longboard or SUP to attach my GoPros to. I’d be using my own body to capture the footage. I also knew that I wanted to get shots of myself in action as I was embarking on this epic hike so I could take the viewer with me as I produced the video. This means less “selfies” and more wide-angle shots showing me, the dog, my hiking partner, and the gorgeous views and trails that surrounded us.

That being said, having a telescope for the GoPro would be essential.

Why Not Just Make One DIY Style?

This is definitely possible, and I’ve done it before too! But trust me, it’s not as handy. Not by a longshot.

When I did my longboard skate trek from Boulder to Denver, a 30 mile 12 hour microadventure, I bought myself a children’s golfclub from the Good Will for $2 and made a ghetto GoScope pole. While I sure felt handy and creative, it didn’t work out so well, at all in terms of usability. I had to keep stopping to secure the camera on the base of the golf club. Not to mention, it was heavy, and I got quite a few funny and confused looks by the time I hit downtown Denver … tall blond chick who looks like hell on a skateboard holding up a children’s golf club with a camera attached to it. Yes, I got some double-takes.

What I Love About the GoScope:

1.) This thing is awesome! I am a fan!

2.) It’s super easy to use. It’s built to fit with the GoPro attachments included with your camera, so you don’t need to get any other accessories.

3.) Its able to hold 2 GoPros. This let’s you get multiple angles and references to the same shot. The more footage, the better.

4.) It’s light weight at only 4 ounces. I’m all about finding the lightest and most convenient gear out there, and every ounce matters to me on my travels. This was a huge perk. And while I do wish it extended a bit further like GoScopes 2X one, I was perfectly satisfied with the trade-off in weight.

5.) It shrinks down to just 17″. I was able to stick this badboy in my backpack without feeling like I was lugging some giant prop around.

6.) It takes your videos to the next level. Anybody can film with an iPhone today, but with a few simple tools like a GoPro and a GoScope you can take your stuff above the average-joe fold and stand out among the crowd. A little bit goes a long way here.

Should You Get It?

If you like to make epic videos of your adventures and travels then my answer to you is YES! This is a great product, and it’s very affordable given its quality and resourcefulness. The 1X GoScope, which is what I’ve reviewed here, runs at $39.95, and the 2X one can be purchased for $54.95. It’s a small investment that will bring your videos to the next level and therefore get you more views, more shares, and more stoke from your viewers.

You can head over to the GoScope site here and check it out for yourself!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received GoScope Original GoPro Pole  for free from GoScope as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company 

About The Author

Lauren Rains is the editor at large of Outdoor Minded Mag. She is struck by wanderlust, and spends most waking hours of her life either exploring the outdoors around the globe or working on various passion projects be it film to microadventures to cooking chili. You can read about her adventures in life, biz and travel on her blog TheMadToLive.com, and catch up with her on Twitter at @LaurRAINS.