Today we’re going to take a look at the Ohyo Collapsible Water Bottle, which is an incredibly useful, collapsible water bottle. If you’re like me and you nerd out a bit on any travel and outdoor gear that you can make smaller, lighter, and more compact, then you’ll love this!

Let me start of by first saying that I do have a deep bond wit my Nalgene. We’ve been through a lot together from all the hikes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to my 30 mile skate trek microadventure from Boulder to Denver. And while it will always have a special place in my heart and latched onto the side of my pack, I have to admit that there may be a better option out there …perhaps, something less bulky that can fit into my pack more easily once I’ve drank its contents.

Meet the Collapsible Ohyo Water Bottle

This little guy has been absolutely amazing since I got my hands on it. First let me break down the basics, and then I’ll go into a bit more detail:

  • BEST USES (TRAVEL): Keep it stowed away in your pack when getting to and from different towns, countries, hostels. Use it as refillable water bottle on a daily basis.
  • BEST USES (OUTDOORS): Due to being collapsible it won’t take up as much space as your Nalgene once you’ve finished drinking. It also offers a spout you can drink out of which I love as there have been many a time I’ve spilled my large-mouthed Nalgene’s contents all over myself!
  • SIZES: Holds 500ml of liquied
  • SUSTAINABLE: No need to buy unsustainable plastic water bottles, and it’s BPA free. Win!

Ohyo Collapsible Water Bottle


I’m currently traveling around Guatemala with a 65L pack. I also plan on taking this pack with me on long term backpacking adventures. Space and weight is everything here! When I’m getting to and from locations, I can collapse the Ohyo Water Bottle into its empty form, and easily store it in my pack without it taking up a chunk of space. Once I’m settled in a new location, I pretty much have it with me everyday, refilling as I go. It’s been incredibly useful and convenient.


Plastic bottles are wasteful, not reusable, and many are not BPA-Free. Through a little research on the Ohyo website, I learned that it takes only 2 refills of the Ohyo to make it carbon neutral. This makes me happy since, you know, taking care of the environment starts with little decisions just like this one!


I’m always interested to find out who is behind the products I’m using. It turns out that the Ohyo was invented by an environmental scientist based over in Sheffield, UK named Guy Jeremiah. It stands out to me when people take what was once merely an idea in their mind and turned it into an actual tangible, helpful product that the world gets to use. In my opinion, the entrepreneurs, creatives, and sustainable innovators are what help keep this world spinning round. Supporting these people, and supporting small business, is something that I try to do when making purchases.


This product gets my go-head.  Check out the Ohyo website here, which has a lovely design I might add. (As a web designer this scores some points for me as it shows they care about their branding and messaging and how customers interpret their product.) Head over to their shopping cart page here. And from there, well, enjoy staying hydrated!

– Lauren

Collapsible Water Bottle

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Collapsible Ohyo Water Bottle  for free from Ohyo as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company 

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