The bicycle belt is one of those genius ideas that leave you wondering, “why the hell didn’t I, or anyone else until this point, think of that?” How long have rubber tires been around?

….well?  I give up, and who cares really, at least now someone’s doing something with them.

Tom Hellmann, a firefighter, old school BMX racer and passionate cyclist from Tallahassee, Florida is the man behind the Bicycle Belt.  As a self proclaimed fanatic of all things “Bicycle”, he’s using he’s die hard love and creativity to keep used tires out of the landfills and create a whole new fashion statement.

Some of the belts might look as you would expect; thick tred with some holes punched in it at one end and a metal clasp attached to the other.  Great for the trail rider that needs an interesting conversation starter, although I imagine it might make slinging the belt off to impress your date a bit of a challenge.

Others though, like the belts made from road bikes, are pretty slick looking.  Rugged, like worn leather, with blue, red or yellow strips down the length of the belt.

The Specks:

Bicycle Belts are one-size-fits-all, and are made from a variety of tires—road, cross, commuter, mountain. They come with 7 holes at approx. a 31 to 36 inch waist, but more holes can be added if needed. The belts are made 50 inches long, and come in three different widths. 1″, 1 1/4″, and 1 1/2″.

So you can keep representing, the printed portion of the sidewall (aka the hot patch) is used for the belt loop.

Not in need of a new pant fastener?  Tom makes keychains too!

Belts $25.00
Keychains $8.00

Kyle FitzPatrick enjoys photography, a bit of writing, playing the gui-tar, surfing, skating, building stuff and dabbling in just about anything.

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