PurifiCup StandingToday I’d like to tell you guys about the PurifiCup’s Natural Water Filter, a lightweight, compact and portable water purifier specifically designed for backpackers and travelers.

Whenever off on any type of backpacking adventure, the weight of your pack means everything. Every pound makes a difference affecting your speed, adding to the weight on your shoulders, impacting your level of comfort. Water supply is one of the heaviest weights on your back with 1 gallon of water weighing over 8 pounds. Bringing a filtration system like the PurifiCup along can make all the difference.

On my 48 Hour, 50 Mile Walk along the Atlantic I started at 7AM with 2 gallons of water on my back. By 9 AM I was forced to throw one of them out and empty the other one to the halfway point. I then had to ration very carefully the half gallon over the course of my microadventure, and I learned very quickly that next time I’d need to find a way to find a happy medium here.

So, when Purificup found out that I’d be heading out to Zion National Park in Utah to backpack the canyons, they sent over their Natural Water Purifier for me to test out. Here’s what I think:


Keeping You Healthy

Natural water doesn’t necessarily come clean. You’ve got  chlorine, organic odors, pathogens, endless types of bacteria, and a bunch of other not-so-lovely contaminants floating around in it.  PurifiCup eliminates chemical and biological contaminants along with 99.9% of over 600 types of bacteria.

Whether you’re hiking in Zion like me, or you’re on an extended day-hike in your backyard, or your on an international expedition like when Alastair Humphreys followed the length of a river spanning the across India, having clean and purified water can be what determines being able not just enjoy your experience, but also finish it.

Not to mention, when you’re traveling in places that are known for having contaminated water like India or Mexico, having a purification system on hand is as handy and as essential as your backpack.

Size: Lightweight & Compact

The PurifiCup   4 x 4 x 8 inches, and weighs a mere 12.8 ounces.

The PurifiCup comes in a compact plastic carrier that acts as storage when not in use. While it’s of course bulkier than carrying around purification tablets, it’s also a lot more effective, so I’m willing to sacrifice the space.

I care a lot about weight and size. It’s not just about being minimalist, but more-so because whenever I combine world travel with outdoor adventure, I need to carry a wide variety of supplies and gear with me to cover all the bases, sports, and activities. For instance, let’s say I’m traveling in Brazil to experience it’s world-class rock climbing. There are routes there that could take at least a week of backpacking through the Amazon to get there. Having a water purification system could make all the difference in getting there.

Use and Reuse

The Natural Water System is good for 100-150 cups (about 11 gallons) of pure drinking water. Once you’ve hit that point, you can purchase replacement filters for about $14.00. These kinds of numbers tell me that not only will it last, but that it’s also reliable. I’ll be able to supply water to others on the trail with me so they don’t have to carry water loads on their back either.

Efficiency: No Need to Boil Water

There’s no boiling water with the PurifiCup. The filtration process takes about a minute or two as the water filters through, and then you’re ready to drink immediately.

When you’re trying to cover a lot of ground, or simply don’t want to sit around and weight for water to boil throughout the course of the day, a tool like this saves you time.

Want More? Here are a few videos of fellow adventures checking out the PurifiCup:

You can head over to the PurifiCup website here to view their products and get one for your own travels. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I’d be happy to answer them.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received PurifiCup Natural Water Filter for free from PurifiCup as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations.

About The Author

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