When I travel, I like to adventure. This means I need gear that’s light, durable, and multi-use. If I can take it outside on a backpacking microadventure, but also shlep it around the city between destinations, then this is the kind of stuff I love and need.

Today, I’m taking a look at the ENO (Eagle Nest Outfitters) Hammock. I got this product fromĀ Buystand.com which is basically priceline for gear junkies. You name your price, and if they like it, you get it!

The following is what I’ve really loved about the hammock and how I’ve used it for the type of travel and adventure I do, and the way I like to do it. If you’re on a similar page, then something tells me you’d get a lot of use and enjoyment out of this guy. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask in the comments!

I took the hammock out to the Rocky Mountains for a full-day of intense hiking. As I plan out my upcoming fall trip to South East Asia geared at microadventures in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, I want to bring exactly the right kind of gear that will make my travel and my outdoor explorations that much easier and more badass.

Here we go:


The hammock takes no more than 5 minutes to set up. If you’re off adventuring and need a moment to kickback and relax for a bit, the lightweight ENO Hammock only adds 17 oz. to your pack so it’s not a major commitment to carry around with you. I’m someone that loves to take a few moments to myself throughout the adventure to take it all in, write a bit, and just “be”. Hammocks are perfect for that, aren’t they?

Testing out the ENO Hammock Resting:

I know for certain I’ll be using this hammock as a tool for taking breaks on microadventures, and I’ll be quite grateful for it as well. When you’re on your feet the way I am, kicking them back so they don’t have to be supporting your ruffed up body is the greatest gift in the world. To be able to easily set this up in a couple of minutes after what feels like infinite miles is definitely a perk.


In fact, on a warm enough night this hammock is so comfortable that you could replace it with your tent. You may want to get an insect shield depending on the mosquito level, however. I’m thinking about setting this up on my back patio so I can sleep outside on warm spring and summer nights.

Park Relaxing/ Slacklining:

As the weather gets nicer and nicer here in Colorado, it’ll be time to head to the park for slacklining and kickball. Even when not on an adventure or camping out, the hammock still has use to add to the atmosphere and be a nice addition to the day.


The hammock is made from high-strength breathable nylon that dries right away, and includes its own attached pouch which makes it easy to pack up and stow away without taking up much more room or having extra components. The fact that it dries quickly is a major plus to me, as wet items add weight to your pack, and are an annoyance when traveling to keep protected as to not drench the rest of your stuff.
It measures 4’7″ wide by 9’10” long and can support of up 400lbs.


If you’re going to get the hammock you should definitely get the slap straps, which allows you to easily attach the hammock between two trees with the adjustable ends. This makes the item even more convenient and versatile. The Slap Straps (which are patented by the way) run about $20.00.

Suggested Extension for ENO Hammock


I’m a big proponent of supporting entrepreneurs. It’s the people who take their ideas and create something tangible and useful for the world with those ideas that make it go round. And maybe it’s just because I’m right there with them doing the legwork to make a vision into something real.

ENO Hamocks was started in 1999 by brothers Peter and Paul Pinholster. They began as a small operation on Florida, and traveled the East Coast in a ramshackle minivan to sell their hammocks at music festivals and community gatherings. Their home was wherever they parked at night.

Fast forward to today, and ENO is now happily based in beautiful Asheville, NC. These guys built their business from the ground up with pure passion, will-power, and dedication. That stands out to me. I respect and admire that.


ENO also offers double nest hammocks if you want to get cosy with another. They have insect shields for hammocks, hammock insulation, bags and cases, and a variety of color schemes for their hammocks as well. For my fellow hammock evangelists, these additions are a must-have.


Check out BuyStand.com. In addition to great deals on great products like this one, they have an interesting concept of “collections“. You can shop their Road Trip Collection, Himalayas Collection, Early Morning Run Collection and more. This is an interesting concept and I like the thought and creativity they put into this.


To sum it up, this hammock is, well, awesome. It’s tough and it’s light, so it’s perfect for adventuring and travel, and for the moments in between when you just want to kick back, look up at the sky, and take it all in. I couldn’t think of a better addition to the packing list.

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Lauren Rains is the editor at large of Outdoor Minded Mag. She is struck by wanderlust, and spends most waking hours of her life either exploring the outdoors around the globe or working on various passion projects be it film to microadventures to cooking chili. You can read about her adventures in life, biz and travel on her blog TheMadToLive.com, and catch up with her on Twitter at @LaurRAINS.