Varg is a working husky dog who resides in the Dividalen valley of Northern Norway. Here are a few snaps of his year.


In the spring, we take guests on training runs in preparation for the dog races in April. We have to stay in shape to be ready for the dog team championships, so we have plenty of guests and new friends coming from all over to spend time with us and take us on fun runs— or rather we take them!

Norway Sled Dogs

sledging in Norway with boat

Norway sledging


Just because the warm weather is here doesn’t mean that the training stops. We are working dogs, and like all athletes we must stay in shape. No spinning gyms or yoga for us, just lots of fresh air and exercise. Dividalen’s mountains are beautiful in the sunshine but as huskies we have thick coats and the only way we can lose body heat is by hanging our tongues out – as you can see here.

Norway sled dogs

Norway in summer


In the Autumn we get a chance to cool off.  Here I am with Inka, one of my team enjoying a cool drink while out on another of our training runs. The Dividalen valley is a very special place, with the highest population of big predators in Norway. Occasionally we see wolverine, bear, or lynx, and on rare occasions we see wolves – but they always keep clear of us. Our wild cousins are very shy, they’re not even interested in catching Frisbees or smelling crotches. Some people eh?

Summer cooling off


With the winter upon us again we are in our element. With a thick layer of snow we can once again pull our sledges – this is what huskies are for and what we love most. Every morning before we are saddled up we get excited when our visitors and guests come to greet us and put the harnesses on so we can take them for rides. In between trips we love to be cuddled and fed. The cold weather and the hard work takes a lot of calories so if you do come to visit us then please remember to feed us well!

Norway sled dogs

Norway Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Sled dog

Come visit us sometime soon! We love new friends!

With love from Varg and all of my team

All photographs courtesy of Verg (with some help from the author). 

About The Author

David Leaning

My first experiences in the snow came when I was a member of the British junior x-country ski team, representing the UK at several international competitions up until the age of 14. Later on came service in the Royal Marines with a deployment to the Arctic north of Norway. After leaving the military in 08' I missed the challenge of having a mission to complete in difficult circumstances, of moving from A to B in a harsh environment where we, as human beings were not designed to go. So I conceived of the idea for my first major expedition: a 2,600 km solo ski-trek from the far south to the far north of Norway. After completion I set my sights on a desert trek and walked across Australia from south to north coasts. My final major expedition was in 2010 when I led a team on an unsupported journey to ski 600 km across the Arctic island of Svalbard. Since then I have been involved in a number of other outdoor businesses to bringing experiences like these to others. I now divide my time between writing and marketing for travel related companies.