Ever wonder what the most epic road trip would look like? Check out the Amsterdam Dakar Challenge, a trip of more then 7.000 kilometers through Europe, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and The Gambia.

Participants are challenged before even starting by finding a car, paying no more then €500,- euro. The challenge is getting the car at its destination. By taking part at this challenge, everyone involved raises money for charity. Since it started in 2004, over 3.5 million Euro has been raised for numerous developmental projects in Western-Africa.

After entering Morocco the roads started deteriorating more and more. The Challengers drove over gravel pistes and sandy tracks towards the Western Sahara.

Client: Amsterdam Dakar Challenge 2013
Location: Morocco, Western-Sahara

Production Promotional Film:
Beyond Borders Media joined the Amsterdam Dakar Challenge to create this promotional film. It shows the adventures and encounters that you will have if you’d also participate in a next edition.

Additional Footage by:
Folkert Waardenburg & Irene Clots
Peter Geluk – petergeluk.com

Camera Specs:
Canon 5d Mark ii
Tamron f3.5 – 6-3 28-300 mm
Canon f1.8 50mm

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About The Author

Mitch Lex

Mitch grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona where he fell in love with kayaking, backpacking and just about everything else there is to do outside. Since moving to the Midwest, Mitch has continued to explore trails and rivers throughout the country. His greatest adventures include roaming with grizzlies and caribou on a NOLS course in Canada's Yukon Territory, swimming with dolphins while studying abroad in New Zealand, and guiding backpacking trips in southwestern Colorado and Utah. He sees the outdoors as a place where you can discover what is truly important in life while exploring a little bit about oneself along the way. Contrary to popular demand, he enjoys dried pineapple and Reese's pieces over M&M's and raisins in his trail mix any day of the week. Sorry GORP.