Summer’s here…well at least in Florida, but the rest of the country will be warming up soon and it’s about time to put on some boardshorts and head to the beach…or the bar at the beach…or the bar in the middle of the Rockies with a tiki hut and plastic palm tree, it’s up to you.

If you don’t have a pair of boardshorts yet and want something of a little more laid back retro style then check out Greenlines Boardshorts.

Jerry and Sam Delaney created Greenlines after coming up empty handed on a search for the perfect boardshorts.  Of course there’s more than enough boardshorts on the market, but if you’re not into the neon pinks and flashy designs currently saturating waves everywhere, a pair can be hard to come by.  Plus the brothers wanted to make there shorts eco-friendly.

GreenlinesEach pair of Greenline boardshorts are made from 100% recycled polyester and the company donates a portion of there proceeds to environmental organizations including the Surfrider Foundation and Clean Ocean Action.

Greenlines has also found a way to keep it local by donating a portion of proceeds directly to 2 or 3 organizations working to preserve the beaches local to the surf shop their boardshorts are purchased at, or to the mailing address if purchased on their website.

Jerry, Dan and the Greenslines crew are giving a fresh look to the classic boardshorts and doing their part to sustain the future.  Show them some love.

“We love the beach and everything it has to offer, from surfing with friends and family to building sand castles with our kids. There is something special about the beach that puts everyone at ease while offering the excitement of riding waves, finding a perfect shell or a clean soft playing ground for sports. We want to do our part to ensure that future generations enjoy the same activities on the same favorite beaches as their preceding generations. – Greenlines”

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