A world tour on two wheels? Sean Conway tells you exactly how you can do it in World Cycling Stripped Bare.


Cycling The WorldDon’t think you have what it takes to bike around the entire world? Neither did I before delving into Sean Conway’s World Cycling Stripped Bare, a beginner’s guide that details just how to achieve this goal—and actually enjoy yourself a bit along the way.

Conway was facing dilemmas and crossroads that many of us struggle with everyday—and used it as his motivation to tackle something he’d always thought about.

“I was unhappy in my job, my girlfriend dumped me and I had itchy feet. As the hot water rose, so did the little fire burning inside of me,” Conway points out early.

“I knew nothing about cycling and hadn’t cycled for years, but what I did know was that I wasn’t happy in my life and felt like I needed to do something about it.”

bike silhouette Written in more of a guide format than a novel, Conway cuts down what could be a book the size of Webster’s Dictionary into a condensed, straightforward piece that avoids cutting out any of the necessities. From his first training ride to the last of his 16,000th mile, Conway uses plenty of personal anecdotes from his own attempt to give readers a true sense of certainty.
“Carving your own story across the globe will shape the rest of your life. It can sometimes be overwhelming but following the right steps and keeping your goals in mind will not only mean success, but also help getting the most of your adventure.”

Written for both Experienced and New-to-the-scene Riders

Conway caters to both experienced riders and those who have haven’t taken out the Trek hanging in their garage since college. Even Conway had to convince himself to go for that intimidating first ride. “I had never cycled more than 60 miles in one day and hadn’t been on a bike for about 3 years.” From proper training techniques and eating right during your adventure to hitting all the coolest countries along the way, Conway makes you a believer throughout the read.

bike standing Even for those planning a slightly less ambitious bike trip, the guide provides plenty of tips for rides of any length. Conway highlights:

  • proper bike maintenance
  • mapping safe routes
  • packing the right camping equipment.

And while there is plenty of information to go around, Conway keeps it entertaining with personal stories from his adventure (yes, he wore ONE pair of socks during his entire trip!!).

Conway’s personal, down-to-earth approach combined with only the most necessary info makes World Cycling Stripped Bare and entertaining read for all types of bikers. Whether biking around the globe is a serious goal of yours or planning a days ride is all you have time for, Conway’s humor and to-the-point tips will keep all biking enthusiasts entertained.

Here are a few of the best tips Conway gives for prospective long-distance riders

1.) “Make the most of rivers, swimming pools and beach showers. Baby wipes and a toothbrush are all you need.”

2.) “Documenting your tour properly can easily be done with any smart phone. There are so many apps that allow you to update Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and videos. Unless you are really good at writing exactly how you felt and what you did, then a voice recorder is a great way of documenting everything.”

3.) “Music can also help make those long hard days fly by. For some reason, if I couldn’t hear the barrage of wind passing my ears then I didn’t think it was as bad as it actually was.”

bike riding

4.) “ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!!!!!! Not only will it save your life as it saved mine, but it actually also helps with sunstroke as it stops the suns rays hitting your head.”


Want to Cycle the World?! Here’s Where to Find Sean!

Head over to Amazon now to get Sean’s book in either Kindle or Paperback, and be sure to say hey to him on twitter at @Conway_Sean and visit his website here.

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Mitch grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona where he fell in love with kayaking, backpacking and just about everything else there is to do outside. Since moving to the Midwest, Mitch has continued to explore trails and rivers throughout the country. His greatest adventures include roaming with grizzlies and caribou on a NOLS course in Canada's Yukon Territory, swimming with dolphins while studying abroad in New Zealand, and guiding backpacking trips in southwestern Colorado and Utah. He sees the outdoors as a place where you can discover what is truly important in life while exploring a little bit about oneself along the way. Contrary to popular demand, he enjoys dried pineapple and Reese's pieces over M&M's and raisins in his trail mix any day of the week. Sorry GORP.

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  1. Lauren Rains

    Hey Sean Conway! So awesome to feature your book on OMM! I absolutely loved it! Packed with personality and resource – well done sir! – Laur 🙂