I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say that the great outdoors, travel, and adventure have saved our lives. In the hardest of times, there’s not a breathtaking, eye-widening view, or the excitement of exploring a land uncharted, or a day spent away from the hustle and bustle of society, that can’t turn it all around for us, if only for just that moment.

I can also say that there’s nothing that makes the world go ’round more than the act of helping one another, be it through simple words like “You can do it. I believe in you”, or helping one another with our knowledge and skills sets, or donating to causes that can’t do their good work without that funding, or simply spreading the word about what is right or wrong or inspiring or world-changing.

And so, I thought, why not combine these two things, and do some good in the world with it.

I called up a few friends, old and new, that I’ve met through my years of being apart of the amazing travel blogging community, and asked them if they wanted to set out on an adventure of epic proportions from July 21st to the 31st, in support of a worthy cause.

And this is what we created: THE ADVENTURE4LIFE TEAM & CAUSE

Their excitement to be part of this project was astounding, and fast forward a month later, we have a team of 25 who will be doing everything from SUPing the circumference of islands in Greece, hiking the John Muir Trail, kayaking the colorado river from sunrise to sunset, biking and wild camping through the Rocky Mountains, attempting to see how far they can run in 48 hours, and more.

What’s the cause we’re embarking on these crazy and wild adventures of epic proportions for?

In the same tune of using adventure and the great outdoors for good, we wanted to partner with an organization that share this same mission. Which led us to team up with EpicExperience.org. They provide week-long outdoor camps equipped with SUPing, kayaking, snowshoeing, dog sledding, backpacking, and more for cancer fighters and survivors. These are people who are fighting the odds, who’ve had to face the harsh reality that they may or may not have the time to backpack through New Zealand, or learn to rock climb, or travel to the wonders of the world. These are people who no longer will take for granted the power of the words, “You can do it. I believe in you.” like so many of us do. These are people who need the support of one another to be reminded that there is life during and after cancer.

It costs $25,000 to put on an entire EpicExperience camp. This covers everything from flights in and out for their participants, to professional guides, to lodging, to food and other amenities, to the right outdoor gear. The 25 adventurers of the #Adventure4Life challenge are going to raise $25,000 and fund an entire 1-week camp session.

And so I ask of you today…

To help us show the world what a small group of people can do when they come together, to make the world a better place for those that need us. To join this small group of people by not just sharing the #Adventure4Life campaign, but donating to the campaign to fund one of these adventure camps for cancer fighters.




JOSHUA CRIPPS: 60 Miles Through Yosemite

CHRISTINE McCARTHY: Hike The Trifecta: 10 Miles in Joshua Tree, Eastern Sierras, and The Coast

SHAY SKINNER: A 48 Hour Run From the Continental Divide

YOSEI IKEDA: Hike 14,000 Feet To Mt. Elbert’s Summit and Mountain Bike Back Down

LAURA BAKER: Ultimate California Adventure: backpack the Sierras, bike in the Redwoods, Yoga on the beach and surf in the Pacific

ADAM NUTTING – Hiking the John Muir Trail

CHAD HAMMOND: Overcoming Cancer by Climbing a Vertical Mile

DANI BRADFORD: Backpacking a State: 95 miles in NC’s Smoky Mountain Wilderness

RYAN BROWN: East Coast Adventure

MEGAN HETTWER: Kayaking The Seas of Greece


MARK BONSIGNORE: Walking the Entirety of the San Francisco Bay

MICHAEL RESTIVO: Summit Forbidden Peak In The North Cascades

JAMES DZIEZYNSKI: Hike 10 Colorado Summits in One Single Day

JOSHUA JUBB: 12 Hour Sunrise to Sunset Kayak of the Colorado River

LAUREN RAINS: Longboarding Across Rocky Mountain National Park

JOHN LLOYD: 8 Mountains Above 14,000 Feet in 48 Hours

STEPHEN PALERMO: The Insanely Hard Bouldering Project: V12

HEATHER BALOGH: A “Colorado Tri” – Packraft | Mountain Bike | Summit a 14er

KYLE VINES: Cycling the Peak to Peak: Two Days Along One of America’s Highest Altitude Byways

RYAN VAN DUZER: A Colorado Adventure

CINDIE LEONARD: 5k a Day Around the San Diego Bay


About The Author

Lauren Rains is the editor at large of Outdoor Minded Mag. She is struck by wanderlust, and spends most waking hours of her life either exploring the outdoors around the globe or working on various passion projects be it film to microadventures to cooking chili. You can read about her adventures in life, biz and travel on her blog TheMadToLive.com, and catch up with her on Twitter at @LaurRAINS.