Outdoor Minded Mag captures not just a journey, but a lifestyle; the moments in-between the action, the anticipation and the reflection…

Outdoor Minded Mag is a hub for world travelers that love the outdoors and adventure. 

Welcome To OMM:

What OMM is most known for is its exclusive and unique series. For instance, we have for you Outdoor Hours, which tells the tales of our most unforgettable hour spent outside, or Natural Entrepreneurs, showcasing individuals who are turning their outdoor travel lifestyles into their livelihoods, or Behind Lenses, Sit Downs, or our famous Daily Inspiration. Each series has its own theme, and serves its own purpose.

With OMM catering to world travelers with a passion for the outdoors and adventure, our aim is to provide resources, inspiration, and community for those that share in this. Sometimes we cover professional outdoor athletes and adventurers, other times we showcase everyday enthusiasts off exploring the path less traveled around the world, and other times we share resources so you know exactly what’s what when it’s your turn to venture out.

These are the people who are

  • weekend microadventurers of their own backyards
  • world travelers who go not just to experience the culture, but the great outdoors, landscapes and views of far of lands
  • climb to the top of the mountain just to see what’s on the other side, and to kick their own asses
  • see outdoor travel as not just an activity, but as a part of their lifestyle that defines who they are and what they’re about
  • fulfill their wanderlust by cycling, walking, running, skating, paddling, surfing, climbing the corners of our planet
  • embark on expeditions be it 10 hours or 10 months that test them physically and mentally but leave them on top of the world
  • wish to see the sunset, the mountains, the oceans, the trails, the vistas from every corner of the world


Meet Your Host: Lauren Rains

Meet Your HostMy name is Lauren Rains. I started Outdoor Minded Mag because I am plagued by wanderlust and I am obsessed with outdoor adventure travel. The moment I get into conversation with someone about a beautiful weekend hike or a cross-country exhibition, my eyes light up. And so, now we have OMM, a hub that shares these very stories.

While I currently live in Colorado (obviously the place to be in the US if the outdoors is calling your name!), I’ve done my fair share of travel. I lived in Beijing, China for a year where I started the Beijing Outdoor Club, spent a year doing longboard treks around Saint Augustine Beach, FL, have rafted through the Andes Mountains, and hiked the start of the Himalayas. If I’m traveling and I’m outside, I’m the happiest person in the world!

My goal with OMM is to turn it into a source of inspiration and motivation by sharing peoples’ stories, to put something truly authentic and of quality out into the noisy internet, and to make a positive impact on the world by getting people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life outdoors experiencing the best of what our planet has to offer.

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And hey, if you have a great story, resource, expedition, project, etc that you want to share on Outdoor Minded, get in touch and we’d love to share it! Check out the Contributor Page – OMM accepts all kinds of guest posts, does interviews, and has exclusive series both live and in the works. If you’re passion is there, we want to share your story.

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About The Author

Lauren Rains is the editor at large of Outdoor Minded Mag. She is struck by wanderlust, and spends most waking hours of her life either exploring the outdoors around the globe or working on various passion projects be it film to microadventures to cooking chili. You can read about her adventures in life, biz and travel on her blog TheMadToLive.com, and catch up with her on Twitter at @LaurRAINS.