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Outdoor Minded Magazine is rooted firmly in the wild beauty of the outdoors, human powered sports, adventure, active lifestyles, and environmental conservation.

We are an online magazine specializing in high quality adventure narrative and lifestyle pieces, engaging interviews, informative essays, and adventure/outdoor photography.  We encourage and prepare our readers to enjoy and protect the outdoors through up to date news stories, information from the experts and a strong community involvement.


….that not only capture a journey, but a lifestyle; the moments in-between the action, the anticipation and the reflection.  Our writers are outdoor and adventure enthusiasts with a knack for telling stories that educate and inspire.

Through outdoor sports and recreation we are contributing to an understanding and appreciation for the outdoors, and motivating our readers to be Outdoor Minded.


Outdoor Minded Mag perfectly blends a love for exploring the planet through adventure sports with a love for protecting the planet through adventure sports.  Surfers, climbers, paddlers, runners and all people with a love for adventure are enjoying life and taking action; we’re here to tell their stories, and share some of our own.

The outdoor community is full of active, ambitious and free thinking individuals that have a growing awareness of the environmental impact humans are having on the world, and they want to do something about it.


As outdoor enthusiast taking advantage of the environment we play in, we have the responsibility to keep it healthy and thriving.  Top outdoor companies and environmental organizations are already well aware of this, and have made great stride in producing more sustainable products and prompting supporters to make personal changes in their lives that benefit the environment.