1. Soak Up Some Rays:

Whether you live in California or Virginia, the sun keeps shining.  Take advantage of this star during crunch time and soak up some serotonin while you’re at it!  Put that paper away, slip on a suit, and begin your summer bronze. Hit up the nearest pool or even better, a flat roof.  This way you can catch up on all those sangrias you’ve missed.  Everyone looks a little better with some color and these beams will really get your mind-racing if your stuck writing. If you live in Oregon, you will have to fend for yourselves.  I always thought there should be a solely UV light café up in Cloudyville, US.  I’d call it Sunshine Café.

2. Yoga:

I recently have discovered this genius form of art.  In the last class, we listened to outdoor natural noises while a screen of a waterfall and a field was projected on the back wall.  In typical yoga, you are actually supposed to practice in the shade outside. Voila! Yoga not only rids your mind of the one hundred and fifteen pages of Business Law you need to read, but it actually brings apeace to your body that makes the time spent procrastinating actually worth it.  Final savasana (resting pose): relax your toes, relax your ankles, relax your hips, relax your hair…  Relax your mind, and then you can return to Business Law doom.

3. Farmers Market:
In some towns, the Farmers Market is all hype while in others it is nothing to rave about.  Nevertheless, it makes the top 5.  When you spend oodles of time with your local farmer, there is no need to study for soil science, obviously. You have all your facts in front of you: strawberries, salsa, pistachios, and if your lucky, delicious Sister’s Poultry chicken dumplings. Nom Nom.  Get your munch on as you browse the glories that your town produces.  Don’t forget to chat up the good-looking boy that sells the raw milk, then you can be on your way to reality. Image

4. Cook:
This isn’t necessarily an outdoor’s trick, but it is relative enough to throw in the mix.  This technique is genius; it requires a trip to the grocery store or Farmers Market (multi-procrastinating), preparations of a garden, preparation of the food, cooking the food, eating the food, wine after the food, coffee after the wine.  Before you know it you will have too many reasons to put off making French note cards until tomorrow.  Bon appétit!

5. Watch The Sunset:

Have a deadline due in a day? What better way to use this last night to watch the sunset?  You are guaranteed at least half an hour minimum break.  If you are an experienced procrastinator, you intuitively know that a typical sunset wont cut it.  The sunset looks much better from that hour hike up the hill, or that fifteen-minute drive up the mountain, anyway.  Why not make a memory out of it?  You only live once. Image


ABBY Abby Readey is a nineteen year old curious college student from Boulder, Colorado.  I enjoy finding out what the world has to offer and want to make a difference some day.

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