Is it possible for 100K people to tweet #Adventure4Good in 24 hours to help raise awareness and donations towards building the first ever rock climbing wall to the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

BEYONDgear has teamed up with Outdoor Minded Mag are about to find out …TODAY!
But we won’t be doing it alone. Oh now. That’s where you guys come in!
By Tweeting It | FB Sharing It | Emailing It | Tracing it in the sand – you get the picture!

Brazil’s First Ever Climbing Wall

The whole point of trying to get 100,000 people to tweet #Adventure4Good in 24 hours is to bring awareness / action towards getting BeyondGEAR’s most recent initiative in place – a climbing wall in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. BEYONDgear has raised over $12,000 for a climbing wall in a secure community sports center. However, more is needed to build it and expand their organization, The Centro de Escalada Urbana. Each tweet brings awareness to their campaign, and helps us get closer to making this happen!

And all that needs to be done is to share it this movement. One simple tweet reminds the world that all it takes is a large group of passionate and empowered people to take one small action together, and we can make a difference. We can get more kids outside exploring the world, traveling, learning new sports, and staying away from the dangers of the streets.

And so, I leave you with just a few final call to actions.

  • Send out this tweet to your followers
  • Email your friends and get them on board. Ask them to tweet and share it.
  • Like this post and share it on Facebook. Like BEYONDgear on Facebook while you’re at it.
  • Head over to the campaign and donate – $25 gets you one of BeyondGEAR’s trademark stopper necklace
  • Take a moment to think about some of the causes you’re passionate about, and think about how you can make an impact there

Thanks for your support guys,
Lauren Rains (OMM) & Asa Firestone (BEYONDgear)

Beyond Gear; The Beginnings from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

Rio Climbing

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