Every real outdoorsman and woman should know how to tie their basic knots. You might just be surprised how often you use them in and outside of the mountains. Here are 4 basic knots to get you started that are particularly useful when camping.

Camping Knot 1: How To Tie A Bowline Knot on a Bite:

Drying a pair of boots or gloves over the fire is a bit easier using a a bowline on a bight knot. It’ll give you two adjustable, separate loops to hang your capilene baselayers or lingerie and boxers on.

Camping Knot 2: How To Tie a Standard Bowline Knot:

The bowline knot is well-known as a rescue knot for such purposes as rescuing people who might have fallen down a hole, or off a cliff onto a ledge. They would put it around themselves and sit on the loop. This makes it easy to heft them up away from danger.


Camping Knot 3: How to Tie A Clove Hitch Knot:

This baby lets you tie a solid line around a pole or stake quite easily. Use this knot on 2 separate poles or trees to create a clothes line for your wet clothes or to throw a tarp evenly over.

Camping Knot 4: How To Tie A Handcuff Knott (for the Yeti)

This knott, of course, is in case you run into Bigfoot or one of his cousins. Here you have having two adjustable loops in opposing directions, able to be tightened around hands or feet.

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